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This page provides blog posts, school case studies, recruitment team insights and discussions about teaching on the Yorkshire coast.

Who am I - Many different hats

Here at Inspire by Teaching Yorkshire Coast, we have contemplated about the types of strengths and powers you need to be in which to be an 'inspiring' teacher.  Our coastal recruitment specialist James is on hand to help your secure that teaching role here on the North Yorkshire Coast.

Read more about the words that could be used for you to describe being a teacher ... 


Through the ever adapting and changing environment that 2020 has brought us, there has been the opportunity and a need to modernise, up-tech and that all important 'wear many hats' and 'think out of the box' in your teaching delivery.


Through the closure of schools to a large proportion of children the delivery of your teaching and education has come through home learning - so not only are you teaching your class, there is their family/carers who you need to impart your teaching and learning experience to support them support the pupils as well as trying to work through the different computer and schools systems that are being used across the board. Compassion, challenge and supporting the family and school community is at the top of the list as well as supporting one another as a person, as a team and as a school.


As a teacher as part of your training you learn to self-evaluate; and strive to move forward; share positive outcomes and also look for different ways in which to educate your pupils. 


'Everyday you learn something new' - as the saying goes


Through your experience and also everyday teaching - when you were told 'every day is different' - could anyone have prepared you?



I can make a difference


As a teacher there are certain qualities you are expected/measured to have. Sometimes in your interview you may be asked what type of person you are and what qualities you have that you would be able to bring into the classroom.


  • Enthusiastic
  • proactive
  • Innovative
  • A story teller
  • Adaptable
  • Passionate
  • Confident
  • Happy
  • Motivated
  • A motivator
  • Honest
  • Committed
  • Collaborator
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Delegator
  • Positive


So when my friend Jan posted her incredible hat collection it got me thinking about teaching and being a teacher - if you wish to move your career to the North Yorkshire and would like some impartial advice about your teaching career and interview techniques visit: and contact us to speak with James our very own Coastal Teacher Recruitment Lead - #Whitby #Scarborough #Filey.


Virtual Recruitment - A Challenge or a New Opportunity?

Here at Inspire by Teaching Yorkshire Coast, we have continued with educational recruitment; coastal recruitment specialist James has liaised with senior leadership teams to consider innovative and dynamic ways to recruit talent by using virtual platforms; supporting checks and in-depth probing interview techniques. This has secured September’s talent ahead of the curve and has been invaluable for schools planning for the start of the 2020 - 2021 academic term.

Read more about what we've been doing to support school virtual recruitment...

During the school closures and lock down as a result of COVID-19, head teachers have had to adapt their approaches to recruiting for September 2020. James has been on hand to work in collaboration with the schools to support the exciting and excellent appointments of some really talented teachers into our amazing coastal schools. Some of our new teaching staff have had the opportunity to access recruitment, retention & relocation packages to support some key posts.

James has offered advice to schools around utilising “virtual” interview methods to help identify their teaching talent and allow for head teachers to feel confident in this new method of interviewing educational staff.

Some of the methods and ideas we used below:

  • Skype, Zoom, or MS teams as visual platforms to meet candidates informally and complete structured interviews to formally assess candidates
  • requesting copies of most recent teaching assessment in current school, or placement feedback (if NQT) - providing a more detailed picture of past performance
  • requesting references early in the process to provide a full picture
  • arranging virtual zoom tours of the school to prospective

James’ role is to support, liaise and advise the schools on their recruitment needs but also to hand hold the candidates journey to be confident in applying for their dream job here on the North Yorkshire coast - want to hear what some of the candidates have said? Candidates displayed their tenacity during these challenges, and they persevered and got through it despite the odd set back.

So post-COVID-19 lockdown is there a place for the use for technology enabled recruitment in the future?

Schools could certainly reduce time and workload by using Skype (or similar) for first stage interviews for example - to help narrow / reduce the field. Potentially this has the opportunity to increase the number of candidates applying for positions as they would be more likely to attend an interview that would take 45 minutes as opposed to a whole day assessment at first stage. 

The convenience of remote assessment helps keep busy and scarce talent in the process; there has been an increase in engagement when using virtual tours of the school at application stage. Feedback from school leaders and candidates have been positive and they would highly recommend remote recruitment methods to others.

Contact Us: Want to discuss how you can complete effective  remote recruitment during COVID-19 lockdown and beyond, get in touch our Education Recruitment Specialists: James Annetts


AS - Primary School, Scarborough shares her experiences:

How have applicants responded to the different format?

Candidates have responded positively to the different format as they understand the situation. As they are looking to secure a teaching post for September (and with many other schools relooking or putting their recruitment on hold if possible) they really appreciate the opportunity.

Did you use audio and video conferencing?

Yes - we used Microsoft audio and video conferencing organised through NYCC Schools ICT team.

What were the biggest challenges you experienced using remote interviewing?

The process went particularly smoothly. Of the three candidates, one had difficulty in getting sound on but after logging out and then back in they had sound and vision. We needed to practise the day before to ensure the technology worked.

Would you use remote interviewing in future? Why or why not?

Yes, it was time efficient, technology worked well.

"In the midst of #coronavirusuk madness, parts of school life must continue! Absolutely delighted to have appointed a fab #NQT for maths - Brilliant support again from @james_annetts @teachyorkscoast  @CoastOA #fullystaffed"

Headteacher Secondary School, Scarborough

C - (Candidate)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your continuous support through the application and interview process. You answered my endless questions so promptly and thoroughly and you even offered to have a practise Skype call with me, as I had never used Skype before! Thank you for going above and beyond in every way in order to help me to feel prepared for the big day.  

On the interview day you were such a calming influence, keeping me updated with timings and then opening the Skype call with your warm, friendly manner. 

Thank you once again for everything.

Chartered Teacher Programme for 2020

On the North Yorkshire Coast, we are keen to show our transparency and provide supportive leadership across the coastal area, sharing and promoting best practice amongst all of our schools. We are proud of our coastal offer; and committed to Continued Professional Development, to allow all teaching professionals the chance to further their own career and be the best they can be.

This is why the Scarborough Teaching Alliance are delighted to be able to deliver the Chartered Teacher Programme for 2020. The Programme is open to recognise the skills, knowledge and professionalism of our teaching professionals on the North Yorkshire Coast. As the successful programme continues to grow, the Scarborough Teaching Alliance is proud to be one of a small number of providers chosen to deliver the programme right here on the Yorkshire Coast.

The Scarborough Teaching Alliance work collaboratively across member schools and with partners, like the research schools, to provide the best possible education for our teaching community on the North Yorkshire Coast. This is done through a range of methods with high quality teaching, learning and adapting professional development.

The programme is challenging and has a rigorous set of development and assessment processes and tasks for participants. Feedback from Cohort 1 have highlighted its value and the impact it has had on their practice. They have felt empowered and really enjoyed how the course has allowed for the opening up of new opportunities and ideas as the content focuses on improving outcomes for young people on the North Yorkshire Coast.

Holding ‘Chartered Teacher Status’ recognises the knowledge, skills and behaviours of excellent teachers, highlights the importance of their expertise in supporting the learning of children and young people and represents the first step in the development of a career pathway focused on effective classroom practice, not leadership. This status also brings teaching in line with other professions, where recognition of expertise and expectation of career-long professional learning are well established.

We are part of the North Yorkshire Opportunity Area that is prioritising improvements to education and numeracy and literacy outcomes, alongside a drive to recruit and retain high-quality, motivated teachers to the area. Part of this funding has contributed to teachers having the opportunity to access and to be supported in having an enriched career that remains attractive to you. Being able to access the Chartered Teacher Programme is one of these commitments from the Opportunity area board.

We value good teaching and great teachers on the Yorkshire Coast.

Our Manifesto

Read our manifesto that explains our approach to recruitment and our commitment to attracting the best teachers to schools on the Yorkshire Coast.

#teachyorkscoast is a part of the North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area. The drive for excelling good quality teaching practice to improve the outcome and aspirations of the children and young people on the Yorkshire coast is paramount to the work of the teaching and support professionals that work in our amazing schools.

With this in mind, dedication and a commitment from all schools on the coast has been of the greatest importance to ensure that our 'coastal offer' Coastal Charter and manifesto can recognise, challenge and offer opportunity to the teaching professionals who dedicate their career to education and the children and young people here on the North Yorkshire Coast.

Part of our objective is to attract, recruit and celebrate the work our #coastalschools and educational providers do to give teaching professionals access to information to allow them to make informed decisions in their move to work on the North Yorkshire Coast we have so much to offer with coast, woodland and moorland for recreation and a strong economic strategy set out over the next year to bolster, attract and retain our manufacturing and engineering economy.

With a bespoke and tailored recruitment lead, James Annetts the Opportunity Area has been able to bring our schools and the vacancies alive. James works closely with the school offering a brokerage service between the school and the candidate to attract excellent teachers but also to give a candidate a first class experience and handholding them through the recruitment process; we have been able to successfully recruit talented and dedicated staff to work in the schools on the coast; James has worked with over 30 schools, dealt with over 106 vacancies.

At Inspire by Teaching - Yorkshire Coast we have produced a manifesto that clearly outlines our commitment to our teaching professionals. With the coastal offer and also a ‘coastal charter’.

Our schools will support a career offer that remains attractive to you as your career and life develops. We provide supportive leadership across the coastal area, sharing and promoting best practice amongst our schools using teaching schools and collaborative training opportunities funded through the North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area funding.

Read our Manifesto

Case Study - Graham School, Scarborough

'Grow, Learn and Achieve Together'

Graham School is a highly ambitious community school at the heart of Scarborough. With a newly appointed and innovative Headteacher and strong team of inspirational teaching and support staff, they are on their journey to drive up their standards and are committed to significantly improving the life chances of the young people of Scarborough and the Yorkshire Coast.

Graham School

In March 2019, Graham School joined the Hope Learning Trust along with their coastal secondary partner, George Pindar School. Together, they work in close partnership in the development and celebration of their pupils and staff - 'teamscarborough'.

Hope Learning Trust, York is a growing and successful Church of England multi-academy trust, which was established to serve both church and community schools in North Yorkshire. Hope Learning Trust’s motto is "Serving others, growing together, living life to the full".

Staff morale is high and Hope Learning Trust is committed to recognising individual potential and to provide support, CPD and training for all colleagues joining the Trust. Being part of the Department of Education’s Opportunity Area has allowed for additional funding to be made available in their pledge to enhance and promote further access to professional middle and senior management qualifications and offer CPD and collaboration. This allows for best practice to be shared amongst neighbouring schools, with support from the Research School and Teaching Alliances as well as the in-house training.

Graham School works in close collaboration with local businesses and industry and has worked hard to build up strong relationships with key players in the area. The school utilises these connections to inspire its pupils to be the very best, and to build positive, balanced young people who are prepared to take informed decisions about their next steps.


Graham and George Pindar Schools are located in Scarborough, North Yorkshire’s original seaside resort. The town boasts stunning scenery, glorious beaches and numerous historic and tourist attractions. It is still one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK.

Scarborough has good road and rail links to York, Hull, Thirsk, Whitby and Middlesbrough and a number of staff commute daily to Scarborough from the surrounding areas. North Yorkshire’s economy is primarily based in the service industries, including public sector employment, health, education, tourism, IT and finance, alongside agriculture, mineral extraction and power generation.

Scarborough is part of the North Yorkshire Opportunity Area that is prioritising improvements to education and numeracy and literacy outcomes, alongside a drive to recruit and retain high-quality, motivated teachers to the area.