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The North Yorkshire Coast 'Coastal Charter'

Our schools will support a career offer that remains attractive to you as your career and life develops.

We are keen to show our transparency and provide supportive leadership across the coastal area, sharing and promoting best practice amongst our schools, regardless of their standing or Ofsted grading.

All our schools have come together and are committed to offering the following as part of our ‘Coastal Charter’ in addition to our ‘Coastal Offer’.

  • 1: Your development

We will prioritise effective and tailored CPD which includes the Early Careers Framework to ensure you excel and develop in the classroom and beyond.

  • 2: Commitment to your wellbeing

We will ensure your workload as a teacher is not excessive – it does not matter what colour pen you mark the books! One of the ways we will do this is through collaboration with colleagues to share planning and make use of shared resources.

  • 3: Commitment to your workload

We will invest in ensuring that you have high quality curriculum resources and expose you to good curriculum models, which will support your future development and make unmanageable workloads manageable.

  • 4: Support for new teachers on the first two years of their career

Building on the Early Careers Framework we recognise that the learning curve in those first years of teaching will be the steepest. We are committed to growing our NQT and RQT community and will ensure you will have colleagues to support and share the highs and lows!

  • 5: Collaborative partnership working

We work collaboratively and in partnership with each other across the North Yorkshire Coast. We do this by being transparent and clear in our challenges, sharing best practice and celebrating our successes. Education is so much more than academic results!

  • 6: Create the right climate for our schools to have supportive staff cultures

Some people describe our area as having high levels of social deprivation - we do not see this as a barrier and are committed to having supportive climates for learning for staff and children in every one of our schools. Supportive and transparent leadership goes without saying as we work together to make sure our schools have high parental confidence, that they are recognised as at least ‘Good’ by Ofsted and our schools have an open door policy.

More information

You can download the full Coastal Charter here.